Monday, February 07, 2005

Moving tomorrow

I'm finally going to do the big move I talked about tomorrow. Another city. Another province. Another world, basically. Tough? you betcha.
I'll have to see how things wrap up during the change. I just might get to like it.
I'm also going to get another computer, maybe.

I don't have much time to write now. I'll get back later and write about the change. For now, bye bye all of you readers who never were.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Being Busy

I've been real busy for the past few weeks. Getting a magazine together. Teaching basic programming to other guys. Programming. Working on ReactOS in my spare time. Also I'm getting ready to move to a new city, over 600km from the city I'm currently living in. Trying to pull my sorry life together. I'll keep you posted (like anyone actually READS this stuff).


A while ago, while lurking around in the MenuetOS forums, I came across a very interesting project called ReactOS. Basically it's an in-progress open source clone of Windows. I'll give you a few seconds for that to sink in. Open Source. Windows. Free software. Complete compatibility. Got it? YEEAAAH!!
When I stumbled across it, it was in it's very early stages (It was definately before 0.2.0, but I don't remember the exact version number). I checked it out, then forgot about it. Then, on the fifth of January of 2005, I decided to google it. Unbeknownst to me, on that exact day, exactly 53 minutes before entered the site, Version 0.2.5 was released and presto! I found it waiting to be downloaded. Talk about coincidence. Anyway, I tried it, and found it was a great improvement (you can get it at their site). It could run lots of progs, and had a nice 'windozy' look and feel. Version 0.3.0 is now in development. Hopefully, version 1.0 will be a completely functional (and perhaps even more functional) clone of Windows NT 4.0.

It holds much promise, but we will have to wait and see if it's going to finally be completed. I am currently studying it's source, and am working on it's subsystems, mainly the gdi and DOS. I strongly recommend checking it's site out!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

It's been a long time

Ok, first of all, I'm just a brainwashed idiot who has spent too much time trying to figure out the universe and has consequently dissolved into a pure greyish mass of quantum foam, moving at light speed toward The Place with No Beggining, End, or Middle. I'm not moving, you say? Huh, that's just what you think, because I'm stuck in an infinite gravity loophole, and I appear stationary to you because that's what Relativity says you should see. And if you don't know who relativity is, calm down. No one does.

So, just like reading a book, let's start at the end, and finish at the beginning. Let me introduce myself. I am a random assortment of various molecules composed mainly of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, designed to interact in ways so simple that people compose difficult solutions and methods to interpret it just out of boredom.

I can type on this keyboard, but that is just the aligned movement of molecules releasing their energy into other molecules and expanding in random ways in the process. What I type is not legible, but since you are also an irrational being like me, you can understand it.

I can speak, but that is just the result of air moving around in my inner cavities because of me randomly shifting them in ways that make no sense. Do you think we are talking to each other? No way, we are just pouring gibberish we don't understand and make various interpretations of depending on the situation.

I think, or at least I think I can think, because I am thinking this right now, and If I couldn't think, I don't think I would have been able to think I can think, So don't think that I don't know what you think I think you think.
Or at least I think so.

Ok, so now that we have moved all the details out of the way, let's focus on the big picture, or at least what's left of it.

You cross me in the street. You pretend I'm not there. Even though your every nerve is tingling with my presence (and how to make me get lost) you look calm. You act calm. You pass. Not a single look, not a single gaze. I move into your short term memory and I am deleted within minutes. I am dead. How could I be alive, when the only existence I have is a bunch of disorganized, pulsating, random, chaotic buffeting of protons, neutrons, and electrons?

You never paid any attention to me, but then, you didn't have a chance, did you? Two seconds is more than enough to get to know somebody.

I am dead, you are dead. Are we all dead? No. Interesting paradox, huh? Think about it.

Ok, enough of this blaBbing. I have to go and insert some more juice into mY brain. E.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


For those of you who have been living in a cave for the past few weeks, Firefox 1.0 has been released. GET IT!!!

Get Firefox

Friday, November 26, 2004


Today I read 1984 (yes, the one by George Orwell) again. Man, that book is strong. It always inflicts something on me. If you haven't read it yet, I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy.
The funny thing about that book is that things are so different from the future he predicted, and yet so similar. While we may not have three super-states governing the world or atomic craters dimpling the surface of the planet, what about Telescreens, Big Brother or constant warring? Ok, telescreens may not exist as they are depicted in the book, but you must accept the fact that we are being monitored all the time at work, we can be monitored from satellites at any time the government wants, and we are even sometimes monitored by people close to us at home. We live in a world in a constant state of war. I believe that there is only a thin line between George Orwell's predicted world and the one we live in today.
Well, enough ranting. Maybe I'm being paranoid. Maybe it's all in my head. Maybe I just have to go shut up.

- When in Rome, do as the Romans do -

Unless, of course, you have to face the Caesar, and get dumped into the Colosseum in front of a couple of very hungry tigers. Which, In my case, prooved to be a VERY unpleasant experience.
If you're wondering what I'm talking about, just believe me that it is a VERY long story, one that you definately don't want to hear (and if you did you'd be ROFC - that's Rolling On the Floor Crying).

Monday, November 22, 2004

A Light in the Attic

Today I picked up A Light In The Attic, a book of poems and drawings by Shel Silverstein (1932-1999). Man, that book is awesome. The drawings are witty, the poems wittier, and the whole thing invokes a sense of long-forgotten and very welcome plunge into the world of childish abandon. It kinda reminds me of Roald Dahl.
If it isn't considered copyright infringment, I wanna share one of the poems with you:

She wanted to play the piano
But her hands couldn't reach the keys.
When her hands could finally reach the keys,
Her feet couldn't reach the floor.
When her hands could finally reach the keys,
And her feet could reach the floor,
She didn't want to play that ol' piano anymore.

If you're a fan of short limmericky-style poems, or Roald Dahl, definately get a copy of this book. It's refreshing.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

How you got here :)

Image by AcetoliNe

My GMail

Blogging can be very addictive. I'm still kinda new to this stuff but I feel it like somebody who's just started taking heroin and can feel it's power taking control of them and keeping them from thinking of anything else.
Am I being dramatic? Absolutely not.
Heh, yesterday I finally got GMail. My address is my user name (yes, the one which starts with A and ends with e) with a (of course!) pinned to the end of it.
Before you leave: GMail is awesome. 1000 Megabytes of email space is only the very beginning of it. It has POP3 forwarding, which means that the emails are forwarded onto your hard drive, giving you virtually endless storage space. It works with all kind of POP3 clients (Outlook, etc...). It supports auxilary addresses. It is MUCH easier to use than Yahoo! (or Hotmail, or AOL, or any other email, for that matter). My dad is paying for his email account, yet it doesn't have half the features or storage space of my (free!) gmail account! For know, I'll just have to say, "Sorry dad! It isn't available to the general public!". GMail is absolutely nuts. Once you use it, you'll never use anything else again!