Saturday, November 20, 2004

This site and other stuff...

The second post is here. Instead of dwelling on bullsh*t like I did on my first post, I'm gonna be serious (well, kind of) here.
Ok. First of all, I'm crazy. Got that? good. Second, I don't want to talk about just ONE kind of issue or topic here. I'm gonna talk about everything. So don't be surprised if I post about blue whales one day, nuclear fusion reactors the next, music the day after that, and top it all off with a detailed post about sex. I've warned you!
Ok, now on to the most important topic of all: nomenclature. Why did I name this blog Message Box?
I don't know. Really.
I just kind of liked the name, and I made it so. If you find a good reason to name this blog Message Box, tell me about it.
Note: It's not like I'm going to post messages or news here. I'm usually a month or two late on most Internet news, so If I tell you that some movie was released into theaters today, you can be quite sure that it was around 1-2 months ago.
Hmmm... I think I'm going to post this stuff in the site description. Yes, that's what I'm gonna do.
With all that in mind, I wish you a pleasant stay here.
And remember: do not be scared or run away when you see a drunk blogger running down the information highway at you armed with a virtual baseball bat. It's all natural.